Open Water Dive Class

Course Costs: $399/SDI   $499/Padi 

Steps to Get Certified 

1. Sign up for the eLearning portion of the course today! This can be done by calling 352-563-2763. You have up to a year to complete the eLearning, it usually takes around 10 hours to complete.

2. Upon  completion of the eLearning course, you can sign up for the two days of in water training. It takes two people to make a class, and we can schedule you any day of the week. If you don’t have a second person, we can add you to an existing class.

3. Day 1 of in water training will start at our shop, we get geared up and review eLearning course reports, before heading to Blue Grotto in Williston Florida. We will complete our pool sessions in the morning, and one check out dive in the afternoon. 

4. Day 2 of in water training we meet at Blue Grotto to complete the three Remaining open water dives.Upon successful completion of the dives we will return to the Dive Center to process certifications and print your cards! Note – If taking class through PADI cards will be mailed to you by PADI.  


Are you interested in signing up for a class, or have more questions? Fill out the form here and we will reach back to you, give us a call (352) 563-2763) or try our handy chat service on this page!

Interest in Dive Class