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Dive Trip

Join us and take the plunge !

Rainbow River

Come join Birds Underwater diving the Rainbow River. We will start the adventure at the KP Hole Park where we will embark on the Rainbow River Water Taxi. During the brief taxi ride, you will be able to see all the beautiful scenery. Then you will take the plunge into the Rainbow River. This will be a drift dive that will last approximately 45-60 minutes with an average of 7-8ft depth and a max of 22ft.

Training and Diving with the best

Blue Grotto

Come join Birds Underwater diving the Blue Grotto. The Blue Grotto is a spring fed sinkhole. The large open-water basin has depths to 40ft with 3 large platforms. Entering the wide entrance to the upper cavern it will reach depth of 50ft. Throughout this dive you will be able to explore an air bell, and see multiple artifacts.

Explore the hidden springs

Devils Den

Come join Birds Underwater diving the Devil’s Den. This prehistoric spring is 120 ft in surface diameter and a constant 72F/ 22.2C. The max depth will be 54ft. During the dive you will get to see beautiful rock formations.